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Harlan Kilstein, Unconscious Persuasion

For once, even I was speechless as I discovered…

“Hidden Unconscious Persuasion Techniques That Make Your Sales Soar”

You won’t believe the power concealed in simple elegance.
You know their decisions before they do…and how to change them.

People who know me marvel at my ability to have a comeback for everything. But recently I discovered that there was another level to persuasion. A level that goes beyond what people thought possible until now…

Don’t get me wrong, I still think that my Maximum Persuasion training is the most effective package out there on the market. But this new material builds on those foundations… and goes on to new paradigms and dimensions.

It all started a number of years ago when one of my clients, who became a friend, began telling me about a retired master therapist who worked in a very specialized field of communication. Some wanted to call him a Hypnotist but he was much, MUCH more. He was one of the original people NLP modeled to develop its core technology – as you'll learn in a minute. He wanted me to meet with this guy and he just raved about how great he was. It wasn’t easy to get the appointment because the guy is very selective about who he meets with.

First, my hard drive crashed the day before the meeting and I couldn’t go. Another time, I was just too busy. This time, my friend was insistent, I was going. And in the first few minutes of my meeting with this master, I knew that I was tapping the mother lode itself.

But there was a problem. The guy was teaching on a totally unconscious level. The way he taught was to demonstrate his techniques on us and boy – was he slick!

Each night, my friend taught me what to look for – the subtle clues that no one would see. And each day, my eyes opened wider and wider. I was totally speechless. (And those of you who know how much information I can pack in one sentence will appreciate how rare that is!)

Each night, my friend would teach me what he had learned from previous sessions with this master and we'd work like crazy to crack this code. After hours of immersion, we discovered that what we had learned had taken our previous trainings to a totally new direction.

Introducing: Unconscious Persuasion

You deserve some history. When John Grinder and Richard Bandler developed NLP, before they even had that name, they modeled people in different professions. Of course, everyone knows that they modeled Virginia Satir, the family therapist, and Milton Erickson MD, the legendary Hypnotherapist. But they modeled people in many other professions.

It was their intent to publish these other models in other books until they split up and these models were lost forever.

They modeled a number of the most highly effective salespeople in the world to elicit their core patterns. This master, who shuns publicity and enjoys retirement, was one of those Bandler and Grinder modeled.

But, because what he did defied structure and challenged some of their beliefs, they never included his teachings in NLP. And there they were forgotten and abandoned… until now.

We Broke the Code and Are Spilling the Beans

After hours of observation and hundreds of hours on the phone and in person, my friend and I broke this teacher’s code. No code breaker at the NSA or the CIA ever felt more satisfaction when we were able to replicate these teachings to others.

And let me tell you something. No matter how good you are, these secrets are a whole new level. When you employ these totally unconscious techniques in your sales presentation, you will close more sales.

Look, I’ve been selling and persuading my whole life. I’ve read every book on the subject. But this is a new dimension. We call it “Unconscious Persuasion”.

Mastery of these skills Skyrockets your Sales.

• Discover the system that Bandler and Grinder left out of the NLP model and why learning this system will enable you to persuade more people effortlessly.
• You will learn how to channel your communication directly into the unconscious mind and how to access that channel instantly every time you meet with that client.
• A model for rapport that is deceivingly simple but devastatingly powerful. It’s a split second technique to powerfully connect you to other people. Once you master this technique, you will magnetically attract people to you.
• How to read any client like an open book. You’ll know what they are thinking before they do and be able to adjust your skills.
• How unconscious anchoring can be used to persuade even if they know what to look for.
• How to interrupt a person on an unconscious level if they are going to say no and change that no to a yes. You won’t even have to say a word to persuade them.
• How to take your criteria skills to the next level where unconsciously you persuade with utter simplicity.
• The easy way to join the elite group of persuasion masters by using their secret patterns for mega-success. Your sales will skyrocket once you learn these simple tricks. (It’s easier than you think!)
• Why you will never close a client again but will allow them to close themselves easier than ever before.
• An instant trigger to unleash a buying frenzy in your clients. Be sure to have enough inventory on hand before using this technique.
• How to develop instant rapport even in a crowded room and even if you never get to talk to your prospect. They’ll be eating out of your hand before they ever meet you!
• How to train clients to respond to voice automatically and without question so they willingly buy from you time after time.
• Simple questions that reveal exactly what your clients buying decision is going to be before they even know it themselves. Imagine how many more clients you will sell when they tell you what their needs are.
• How to change a looker into a buyer after taking their criteria to a whole new level.
• A simple way to use a customer’s own internal buying strategy so they want to buy what you are selling.
• Why some people talk with their hands and how they want you to sell them.
• The conversational way to get your prospect to imagine all the intense feelings of having what you’re selling so they naturally are compelled to buy right now (Once they feel the wonderful feelings of having what you’re selling, they’ll want to buy on the spot!)
• A simple technique to create amnesia for all of your client’s objections and how to handle their sudden readiness to make a deal.
• The missing piece from NLP about eye-movements and what to do when the eye movements don’t match their predicates.
• How an instant rapport technique will get even strangers to open up to you and tell you their life’s history.

Introducing: Unconscious Persuasion

For one time only, I am going to reveal these secrets to you in a powerful 4 day seminar. There has never been training like this before and it is not going to be repeated.

This seminar is going to be co-taught by me and my friend who clued me in to these patterns, Dr. Harlan Kilstein. He is the one who introduced me to this master and is a master teacher in his own right. He has used these techniques to sell millions of dollars of products and services. He is an unbelievable teacher whose presentation style is action packed.

It is going to be taught one time only in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on January 22-25, 2004. I rarely give seminars and when I do, this is the feedback I get:

“I had used the principles in Kenrick’s Maximum Persuasion for my sales staff. The added dimension of unconscious selling caused my sales to skyrocket.” Jim Van Wyck – Edmonton, Alberta.

“Once my staff began using Kenrick’s Criteria Model in sales, we went from a $1 million dollar business to $7 million in just two years. The training paid off for each of my staff members at incredible rates”. D. Stewart, New York

“After attending Kenrick’s 2003 Maximum Persuasion Training in South Beach, I felt invincible in sales. Indeed, my close rate and my commission reflected this.” Ori Goldstein, Miami.

The seminar space is extremely limited because everyone coming to this seminar is going to get lots of personal attention. So quite frankly, it is not for everyone.

It’s only for those who want to go to the next level and set your persuasion skills to infinity and beyond.

If you want to persuade with power and do it unconsciously, then this is the seminar to attend.

Look, we spent hours cracking the code of Unconscious Persuasion. It was not easy. We have produced a seminar that goes beyond old limitations.

If you only dared to dream about how effective a persuader you could be, now is the time to make your dreams a reality.

The seminar tuition is $2577. If you pay by December 1, the tuition is only $2077. After December 1, the tuition goes to $2277. And if you procrastinate, you pay the full price of $2577. We will hold you a spot for you with a 25% deposit now and the balance payable by December 31. All major credit cards or checks are accepted.
You might be able to write this off your 2003 taxes.

You can only register if you are interviewed first. These methods are too powerful for us to allow just anyone to register. In fact, we are requiring that you call Dr. Kilstein for your admissions interview to this seminar at 954-538-0510 ext 45.

As always, I guarantee your satisfaction. If you are not happy for whatever reason by the end of Thursday, January 22, just let me know and we will arrange a prompt and courteous refund.

Of course, the chances of this happening are between slim and none as you discover new worlds and possibilities of persuasion that no one knew existed. Literally from the start of the program, you will be exposed to massive amounts of new material.

Your training days (and nights) are going to be jam-packed with techniques, insights, and patterns that you will be able to apply as soon as you get back to work on Monday. Our training insures that you acquire and use these skills.

Call and register now before the seminar is filled. There is an absolute limit of 50 people at this seminar. It will never be offered again.


Kenrick Cleveland

PS. Remember, the only way to get in to this seminar is by personal interview. Arrange yours by calling 954-538-0510 ext 45 now before the spaces are taken.

PPS. This seminar is all new. Even if you have every single product I created, this seminar is totally fresh material. It’s never been taught before. I recommend that you register now.

PPPS. If you do not already own Maximum Persuasion, you should get it and listen to it in advance of this seminar. This will allow you to get the maximum from this seminar. If you sign up for this seminar before December 1, I’ll give you a one hundred dollar discount on Maximum Persuasion (Platinum Version only – not valid with any other offers or packages). To qualify, you must call Harlan now at 954-538-0510 ext. 45 and sign up. Then call our Assistant, Kim at 253-476-3199. Tell her you are registered for the Unconscious Persuasion seminar in January and she'll take care of you.

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