Saturday, June 13, 2009

Harlan Kilstein - Welcome To My Blog

Hi everyone, it's Harlan Kilstein and I just returned from a trip to Israel where I taught Internet Makreting in a number of different forums.

First, I was a featured speaker at Affilicon where I spoke on two major topics. The first was about copywriting and the second was about Google Slap.

The first presentation was in a small room but word obviously spread during my talk because the room was packed at the end. The second presentation was in a large hall.

Most of the presenters I met really knew their content well but seemed to be above the level of the audience. A significant number of the people attending were anglos living in Israel who were trying to succeed on the Internet.

Most of the people I spoke to had heard the name Harlan Kilstein but had never met a real A level copywriter or Internet marketer before.

I had a number of meetings where people were encouraged to "Meet Harlan Kilstein" in a public setting. Plus there were dozens of private meetings where I worked with people to help them solve their most pressing online problems.

Welcome to my blog and look for continued updates.

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  1. Well, now I'm curious now about your 200 hour teacher training path!

    I'll have to find out what you are talking about with Google Slap!

    Congratulations! Gaileee